Sharing life’s


Assisted Living in South Haven, Michigan

River Ridge Assisted Living is a part of the South Haven, Michigan community, serving its senior living residents and sharing life’s journey together.

Senior Living residents experience the joys of everyday life in a continuing care environment, living in the local community that is familiar to them, so that they and their families will feel at home.

At River Ridge, residents can relax in the pavilion on a sunny summer day or cozy up next to the fireplace in the winter. Our community provides each resident with open, comfortable spaces that encourage everyone to fully enjoy each day at River Ridge Assisted Living.


Coffee Hour

Every afternoon our residents gather together for coffee and conversation.

Baking Group

Baking is a great way to create and share memories while keeping our residents active and who doesn’t love freshly made baked goods?

Bible Study

Each Wednesday residents gather together for a weekly Bible study, and each Sunday we host a worship opportunity so residents can maintain their connection with their faith while remaining at home at River Ridge.

Movie Night

Pop the popcorn and turn down the lights! Friday night is movie night at River Ridge!

Monthly Birthday Party

Celebrating birthdays is a favorite here at River Ridge. Each month we have a group birthday party to gather and reminisce on birthdays past and birthdays to come!


Our culinary staff develop healthy and delicious meals for morning, afternoon and evening. Residents enjoy snacks available all day!

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Activities are a vital part of every day life at River Ridge. Residents enjoy exercise, board games, clubs and much more!

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Our professionals care for you or your loved ones as though they are their own. All staff is equipped with the best training and resources available.

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All living spaces are designed for comfort and ease of use. Residents are welcome to bring their own furnishings.

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Senior Living Options

Assisted Living properties are a housing choice made by residents or by their family. Residents in assisted living have increasing health needs and require a higher level of care than an individual can provide for themselves. Typically, the care requirements are higher than those in Independent Living and residents may require assistance with basic day to day activities.

River Ridge’s Moments Memory Care™ is Michigan’s first and only trademarked program that focuses on caring for our residents who are experiencing memory loss, including Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, while also catering to family members and caregivers. Moments Memory Care™ balances individual physical care and emotional needs of all involved so that residents benefit from comprehensive personalized attention which factors in the degree of their medical conditions.

For those who require only a short-term stay because of hospitalization or illness, or to give a family member relief from care giving responsibilities. Respite Care can allow a primary caregiver to maintain their own health and ultimately be a better long-term caregiver. At Leisure Living, we are here to help in those moments.

Our purpose is to honor God by providing high quality senior lifestyle services that promote the value and dignity of every person.

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